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This is a blog I started to share my knowledge about tech with everyone on this blog every hour 2 posts are uploaded about tech,blogging,affiliate marketing, seo,etc.

Ashish Joseph

About this blog and me.

About blog:

hitech techno is my dream blog, here on my blog I share articles related to Technology, Digital Marketing, SEO and Online Earning. I started this blog on 27 jun 2018 to share my knowledge about Technology and Internet Marketing. I love Digital marketing by my heart, I am very inspired by top Digital Marketers of the world.

This inspiration in me is because I also want to help people to grow their business and solve their problems related to digital marketing. I was very fascinated by the culture of Hustling outside India.

People from America, Canada, Australia are earning in 6 figures only with Laptop and internet connection, so i also started living the life of a Hustler since 2017

If i talk about earning Stats from my blog then I am earning through Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing from this blog. Email Marketing is the another source of Earning i have associated with this blog. Do you know i have more than 21+ earning sources from where I am earning a decent income online.

If you want to Learn how to earn a living while working online with a Laptop and internet connection, then you can Suscribe my YouTube channel hi-tech Indian tech by ashish and also read my blog posts everyday..

About me:

I am a student from Punjab India I love technology from my heart when I was in 7’th class then I have created my first site which is not working now but this my my main blog.

Ashish joseph

I upload many posts related to blogging, seo,affiliate marketing, online earning,etc. I also have a YouTube channel named hi-tech Indian tech by ashish you can go and check out that I upload many vedios related to tech,online earning ,blogging, etc.